Accelerated Possession Order Court Proceedings

G & A Lettings offer any Landlord who may contact them struggling with problem tenants the opportunity to use G & A Lettings expertise to assist them in removing the problem tenants from their property, thus taking away the burden and stress of process. Given to a solicitor to carry out the eviction can cost the Landlord client in excess of £1000.00 + vat.
G & A Lettings can offer you this service for £500.00 inc.

What happens if you want Possession of your Property

G & A Lettings will review all documentation that the Landlord has to ensure that the possession order is able to proceed.

  1. G & A Lettings will serve the appropriate Notice seeking possession, giving the tenant a date where the Tenancy is judged to end. If the Tenant fails to leave upon expiry of the Notice;
  2. G & A Lettings will prepare all the necessary paperwork issuing a Claim for Possession in the County Court subject to receipt of the court issue fee from the landlord.
  3. G & A Lettings will attend the Possession Hearing if the claim cannot be processed on paperwork alone and will obtain an order for Possession of the property providing a date by which Possession must be given.
  4. If the Tenant fails to leave by the date given in point 3, G & A Lettings will, subject to receipt of the Court issue fee from the landlord, arrange and issue a Warrant for Possession application to permit the Court bailiff to evict the Tenant(s).
  5. If step 4 is necessary, we will advise you of the eviction date so that the property can be secured by you accordingly when Possession is gained.
  6. We will seek, as is realistic, to recover the costs of action from the Tenant(s). Additional options will be discussed with you to recover costs (subject to additional charges that we believe to be reasonable in the circumstances). If all the costs are recovered, we will reimburse any fees you have paid to us.

What is not included?

Court fees

Any counterclaims or other claims made by the Tenants relating to the tenancy or disputes relating to the return of deposits.

PLEASE NOTE: Although orders for costs are often made in such proceedings, we cannot guarantee that the monies will be recovered, in which case, we will be unable to make any refund to you.

Judgements for outstanding rent or dilapidations are generally processed through the Small Claims Court as a separate issue.